Needle is made up by a diverse team of individuals with an international background having worked in various countries, including: 

  • Australia
  • Malaysia
  • France
  • Hungary
  • South Sudan
  • Singapore 

Together the Needle team speaks a range of languages including Malay, Indonesian, Arabic, French, Spanish, Danish, Indian and Urdu. So wherever your business takes you, we will be able to help you speak the language.


Needle brings clients exceptional international services at reasonable prices and acts for clients who are based, or who have or want to have business interests across the globe. The firm has worked with a diverse range of clients including:

  • The two biggest banks in Malaysia
  • Various international charities
  • International Islamic finance investors
  • Brazilian design companies
  • International fast-food franchise





Needle’s office in Malaysia is the second international law firm to have an office in this growing economy. The firm’s Malaysian office operates primarily as a marketing office to provide English Law advice for local firms and companies. It also serves as a hub for European companies looking to expand into the region. 




Working with Needle also means having access to its extensive global network of law firms and businesses. The firm has partners that are members of the International Bar Association as well as various international business networking groups. Whether you need lawyers in foreign jurisdictions or need assistance accessing other service providers, the firm’s commercially focused approach means that your business gets more than just legal advice.