No one gets excited about needing legal services and often it can even be anxiety inducing. That’s why Needle makes sure the experience is as positive as possible. A focus on excellent customer service that instils confidence and peace of mind is at the heart of what Needle does. Needle takes point in navigating clients throughout any difficult situation and when it comes to defending our clients, we are relentless and uncompromising in making sure they get the best outcome. Every piece of legal work is led by a partner and supported by an appropriate team. So you know your project is being given the supervision and care it deserves.


The legal issue is usually just a component of a client’s overall business problem. Whether they are making moves for growth or are facing challenges to their business, Needle provides more than just legal advice, it provides holistic creative business solutions. Each matter is run using expert project management techniques with the assignment of a multidisciplinary team of relevant experts.  Clients can therefore be rest assured that Needle will always find the solution that makes the most commercial sense. 




We are not cheap, we are cost effective. By maintaining low overheads, we are able to bring you the same quality advice as any major city firm without making you pay for bloated expenditures. We also deal with your matters in a project management style that ensures that you are only paying for the work done and not the excessive hours of a fragmented team. So whether its fixed prices, packaged legal products or alternative payments, we ensure our prices make strategic sense to your business. 


Many of our team have worked in industry, so beyond their legal expertise, they are also experts in their respective sectors. We draw upon insights from various fields to develop the intelligent solutions for your specific problem. No matter where your business comes from, we also conduct deep analysis of both your business and the industry to which it belongs. It is this unique approach to problem-solving that have won us successes against much larger firms.